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Toolkits for Pastors

As the needs of the churches we serve continue to grow, so have our services. The Louisiana Baptist Foundation has created the ChurchBiz Cube to offer a well-rounded approach to those we serve with the main goal of furthering the gospel’s outreach. 

Your ChurchBizCube Toolkits

Budgeted funds build up in an insurance reserve account

Also, this fund can help provide an emergency fund for insurance deductibles, roofing issues, air/heating unit replacements, etc.

Use links from Giving Gateway on church website giving section

Schedule for Adult Sunday School classes or other time

Promote non-cash giving using the Foundation’s publications 

  • Louisiana Legacy Publication (Monthly content for church enewsletters, social media posts, other)
  • Special Gifts Publication (Enclosed in charitable contribution statements)

Outsource this area and save time

Explore how technology enhancements can benefit the church’s ministry and save time/money

Make it easy for members to automatically contribute routinely

Outsources this area and save time

Maximize earnings on cash